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Why Portable Camping Lanterns Are Needed for Outdoors

Oct. 15, 2021

Portable camping lanterns are very handy and lightweight for wilderness camping. Whether you are planning a long trip or a short weekend getaway, this is an absolute must for your camping gear. These units come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can provide you with a variety of uses.

360° around

The unique selling point of camping lights is that they provide a more diffuse light than the narrow, strobe-like illumination provided by a headlamp or torch. While a headlamp or torch will illuminate 20 to 30 feet of terrain, pointing in the direction it is pointed, a camping lantern will illuminate every square foot of the surrounding area.

Dry Battery Camping Light Flashlight 4021

More portable

Nowadays, camping lanterns are better suited to backpacking and are more portable, as they can be easily unfolded or retracted to turn them on or off and adjust the light as required. They come with hanging and portable handles for ease of use. You can carry the light while walking at night or hang it wherever you want.


Our camping partners can be blindsided by the glare from headlamps around the tent. However, in the humble camping lantern we have found a solution that allows us to save our headlamps for wayfinding, allowing our camping party to find their phones, ropes and other tools without hurting our eyes.


Many camping tasks - pitching a tent, cooking a meal or even opening a can of wine - require the use of two hands. Therefore, unless you happen to have a third torch available, a torch is rarely the most practical option. Walking around the tent with your headlamp on can also cause frustration. A camping lantern is a better option than a torch.

Rechargeable Camping Light With Power Bank

Long life

While camping lights can't compete with the best headlamps in terms of runtime, some models of LED camping lights can keep your campsite lit for up to 75 hours on a single charge, while others feature solar charging or use a clockwork charging mechanism that lets you ditch the batteries altogether. We have dry cell models and rechargeable models, just take your pick.

Accidents can happen out at night, such as a torch getting into water. You should be prepared for this and be ready for it. We always recommend a great headlamp as one of the first pieces of kit in your pack, but having a secondary light source is a good policy.  Please contact our experts to get more details.

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