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What To Consider When Buying A Flashlight

Aug. 09, 2021

The work use and outdoor use of the strong flashlight in the function of the extraordinary big difference, work: ultra-high brightness and shooting long lighting, outdoor use: waterproof good, long life moment. So, when you travel outside, what brand of bright light torch is good? Follow me to see how to pick the right bright light torch.


1,High brightness

The outdoor environment is complex, no one can guarantee what kind of situation you will face, when you need high brightness lighting, but the flashlight is out of action, that is very dangerous. Therefore, a high power flashlight is a must-have lighting tool, and where it is used for exploring unfamiliar roads, the maximum brightness of a strong flashlight should preferably exceed 200 lumens. Here we have the strongest led bright flashlight.

brightest led flashlight 8033

2,Easy to charge

Battery explosion-proof flashlights are best used can be charged everywhere, even small mountain villages as long as there is electricity in the location can be charged or in most cases with this characteristic of the ideal battery must be AA batteries.


3,Power saving

Outdoor activities are not likely to carry a lot of batteries, so you should use a high-efficiency LED flashlight as much as possible to ensure that there is enough brightness and a long life. It is best to have a low brightness file can reach more than a few dozen hours of strong light flashlight, in order to be able to continuous nightly lighting in extreme situations for more than a week.


4,Compact and lightweight

The outdoor flashlight should be as small and light as possible, so that you can carry it around without adding weight and saving energy, and the general personal outdoor flashlight should be within 150g. Of course, large area lighting explosion-proof flashlights need to be different in weight and volume in brightness.


5,Multi-position dimming

The emergence of multi-speed dimming technology finally makes the brightness and duration of the moment the fish and bear's paw appear on the same LED flashlight. The multi-speed dimming technology also derives many auxiliary functions, such as SOS distress signals, which can send out a distress Morse code to search and rescue people in case of danger. Check the Zoomable Led Torch.

High Power Zoomable Led Torch Light 8044


6,High Reliability

Outdoor sports than the requirements of the bright tool is "ready to use", poor reliability of lighting tools, in critical moments can not work is fatal, the most serious probably cause life-threatening. Therefore, high reliability is the most important principle for selecting LED outdoor sports lighting tools.

7,Good waterproof performance

Relative to home, the first problem to solve in the strong flashlight must be waterproof, reassuring waterproof standard is of course IPX-8, submerged in shallow water are able to normal use, of course, against the rain does not matter, in a sense, waterproof is also belong to the content of outdoor reliability.

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