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What Can LED Night Lights Do in Our Houses?

Dec. 04, 2021

Whenever night falls, have you ever encountered such embarrassment: after turning off the lights in the bedroom, your eyes will be left with a stretch of darkness, and at this time if you turn on the indoor desk lamp, the bright light but also seems a bit harsh; when you walk towards the bathroom at night, the dark environment you can only stumble, so easy to find a switch, instantly let you almost dizzy light but will you again "knock back" ...... In fact, all this unhappiness can be easily dealt with by just a small led night light. Night light is small, but the function should not be ignored. In the face of the wide variety of night lights on the market, how should you go about choosing?

12LED PIR Sensor Night Light

Why do you need

If the main light in the living room and bedroom is to create the overall style of home decoration, then the night light used at night reflects the strong practicality. Many people have misconceptions about night lights, believing that they are small, dim and lacking in practical use, but in fact, the function of night lights should not be ignored.

Like living room and bedroom main lights are mainly used for large room lighting, more often than not to highlight the overall decoration style of the room, but at night, the main light irradiation light is strong, long time use will not only make people feel blinding, and will cause a certain amount of power waste, at this time, you need a night light more adapted to the night.

Various scenes

Used in the living room, you can get another light source while watching TV, which not only creates a comfortable atmosphere, but also protects the user's eyes; 

If the night light is used in the bathroom, it can provide a visual light source for a long time for the user's home environment, avoiding your stumbling when you get up at night; 

When the night light is used in the children's room, its mild light not only creates a relatively quiet atmosphere for children. The mild light in children's rooms not only creates a relatively quiet atmosphere for children, but also makes children less fearful when they wake up in the middle of the night. 

Some nightlights also have other functions, such as adding essential oils to turn it into a fragrance lamp.

FULANG offers a variety of night lights, including remote control type, which you can turn on or off at any time using the remote control, and sensor type, which will automatically light up when it senses someone walking by. You can pick our LED lights according to your needs.

Led Closet Light With Remote Control


At present, there are many kinds of night lights on the market, but in terms of color, there are mainly six to seven kinds, users in the choice of night light color, according to the use of the place and room size, location to distinguish, in order to give full play to the role of night lights. The most used night light color is white, white night light brightness is strong, suitable for use in the room corridor, bathroom and bathroom and other environments that require a slightly higher intensity of lighting, but if you want to use in the bedroom, you need to choose a night light similar to yellow or pink, because this type of color night light is more suitable for creating a warm and comfortable environment.


As night lights are often used throughout the night, therefore, the energy consumption of night lights has become a common concern for consumers. The power of night lights on the market is mainly around 1 watt. Low energy consumption is a major feature of the night light, so consumers should pay more attention to the power of the night light when choosing a night light to avoid unnecessary waste of electricity.

Our motion sensor lights offer a hands-free way to protect your indoor and outdoor house. Illuminate your bedroom, staircase, hallway, closet or the entrance to your home. If this interests you, please contact us for a quote. We will be happy to serve you.

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