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Using A Bright Flashlight in A Dangerous Situation

Nov. 20, 2021

Have you ever seen a news like this? People returning home at night after work are robbed because it's so dark that the robbers get it easy and the victims don't see their faces. Darkness is one of the main factors, and what defeats the darkness is - super bright flashlights!

Using A Bright Flashlight in A Dangerous Situation

When you encounter a street without lights, you will take out your flashlight and use "sweep up and down" as you walk to make sure the surrounding area is safe to walk to your destination. Your chances of being attacked are slim, as attackers use the darkness to their advantage. Your bright tactical flashlight takes away this advantage. A strong, ultra-bright flashlight is an underrated home and personal defense tool.

One fact that most of the public doesn't know is that the proper use of a flashlight can greatly help you in even the most difficult situations. First, they can be carried with you. No one will stop you from bringing a flashlight into a crowded movie theater or airplane any more than you would if you were trying to carry a gun. Flashlights can be used to defend against attackers. By shining a flashlight in the eyes of a potential attacker, they may experience disorientation and possible temporary blindness, which can give you plenty of time to escape a dangerous situation. A heavy duty flashlight can even help you to hit those who try to drag you! It has a strobe function that allows an intruder to back up and cover their eyes.

The following are some other uses for the bright flashlight.


Sure, there's a power outage, a blown fuse, we've all been there, and it always happens at night. There's nothing worse than falling over in the dark. Get a flashlight that is reliable, durable and will protect you even in dangerous situations. 

Walking your dog at night

A good tactical flashlight is your best friend when walking your dog at night, allowing you to clearly see the road ahead. It's small so you can easily carry it in one hand while holding your dog's leash in the other. If you are in danger, you can use the flash mode, which will give you enough time to get away safely.

Outdoor Sports

A strong flashlight is perfect, or should I say a must-have tool, for people who enjoy camping, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and other outdoor activities. When choosing a tactical light for outdoor activities, four things are crucial.

Made of quality materials -This is to ensure that the flashlight will not damage you when you are out at night.

Bright flashlight - Since you are in a completely dark area, you are totally dependent on the flashlight and need to make sure that your path or camping area is properly illuminated, which can only be done with light if you have really strong power.

Waterproof - If water seeps into the battery compartment or LEDs, they are likely to be damaged and you will be in the dark. The FULANG flashlight has a high IPX4 waterproof rating for everyday use.

Using A Bright Flashlight in A Dangerous Situation

A small but powerful powerful flashlight, preferably with the 26650 battery option, a really powerful 2000lm flashlight will light your way. Depends on your needs, but in most cases a true 1000+ lumen flashlight with good waterproofing, zoom capability, small size and preferably 26650 capability is a great choice for you. Contact us now to get the perfect strong flashlight!

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