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The Camping Lamp & Led Flashlight for Camping

Sep. 03, 2021

The Camping Lamp

Rechargeable Camping Light With Power Bank

Outdoor activities are beneficial to our physical and mental health, but also can be very close to nature, is a very good activity. As a result, camping is now getting more and more popular. Many country parks can see the designed camping area, and many people camp once again for a holiday.In outdoor activities, good equipment is also essential, suitable equipment can not only help us exercise, but also effectively protect our safety. Fire in wild can cause safety hazards, so light at night. Besides LED flashlight, the most common lights are camping lamps, which one is more suitable? As a camping lamp supplier , I will share it with you.

From the usage, camping lamp is also known as the tent lamp, as the name implies, is the lamp used for lighting after supporting a tent, this lamp is generally designed in the style of lifting the lamp. Because designed to use in camps or tents, camp lights are generally weak, and only the moonlight night can illuminate the range of about 5 meters. Most of the light sources used are LED, with few incandescent or other sources. Since camping lights are generally only used for short outings or driving activities, hiking crossing basically does not use camping lights.

In contrast, the scope of the Led flashlight is much more widely used. The lighting scope of the qualified outdoor LED flashlight itself is less than 20 meters. For outdoor flashlight, the light source basically uses LED beads and the flashlight light flux and floodlight ability have certain requirements. Compared with camping lamps, outdoor flashlight can also be used for night road lighting, exploration and other activities.

The Camping Lamp

Colorful Led Patio Umbrella Light PL4008C

The Tips for Camping Lights

1. Before going out, don't forget to be fully charged, whether the battery is still usable, should have a few more batteries to prevent. And the lights try not to blink, so as not to hurt our eyes.

2. Adjustment in the outdoor night, the required brightness will be different. For early darkness, you don't need too much light, and as the night gets darker, you use more light. In this case, we can choose to adjust the luminosity of the field light, according to our needs to adjust the luminosity.

3. When you are outdoors at night, you will need the light at any time, so keep the light beside you, and it is not convenient to carry the headlight when you go out of the tent. If can take out light source separately, when flashlight is used, can be used below different circumstance so, also can put in pocket. Such outdoor lamp is convenient a lot.

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