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Strong Flashlight Maintenance and Purchase Methods

Jul. 16, 2021

This article mainly introduces the issues to consider when buying LED Flashlights, as well as its after-sales service and other related knowledge, I hope it will help you!

The first flashlight is equipped in the police and military and mine search and rescue, but with the market and socialization of the flashlight, claiming explosion-proof, waterproof, fall-proof flashlight slowly popularized, and gradually penetrated into the various aspects of life, the price is also gradually pro-people.

LED Flashlights

LED Flashlights

The following LED Flashlight Manufacturer to introduce the purchase of strong flashlight should pay attention to the following places.

1. the size and weight of the flashlight: for outdoor users, this is perhaps the first consideration.

2. The time of flashlight use: rechargeable batteries are suitable for frequent flashlight users to reduce battery costs overhead. Long Xing photoelectric 18650 lithium battery is the most commonly used specifications. Lithium battery is light weight, can output large current flow alkaline battery output current is small, but the price is low, every corner of the world to buy. Its used in a large number of ordinary led series.

3. flashlight brightness: brightness is mainly determined by the use of light bulbs, in general, high-power LED brightness > ordinary LED brightness. The same type of bulb flashlight how to see which brighter it? You can refer to the flashlight specifications table "brightness" column, the greater the lumen value, the brighter. Reaching more than 100 lumens, it is enough to dazzle people.

Brightness and use time is always the other side of the coin. Generally speaking, the use of time and the opposite of brightness, the brighter the brightness, the shorter the use of time.

In terms of flashlight maintenance, the general brand of high-grade flashlight will provide special flashlight sets, hand rope and other accessories, more convenient for you to carry your beloved flashlight. And well-known manufacturers of after-sales service is more perfect, if a small part of the flashlight in the process of use is bad, you only need to change a part can, while ordinary manufacturers do not have the ability to replace the entire flashlight.

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