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How Many Lumens do you Need For a Flashlight?

Jul. 16, 2021

Walking down the street in the pitch black without any support, you will feel like a blind person. Because you will not be able to see what is in front of you. What kind of help would you seek? A flashlight! Yes, it is a flashlight that can help you see through the darkness. But the question is how much light do you need? Today LED Flashlight Manufacturers will focus on answering the question of how many lumens do you need for a flashlight?  

Lumens are a measurement of light output. If you have ever purchased a powerful flashlight or bulb, check its packaging. You will see printed information about how many lumens the flashlight or bulb will produce.

Now, if you work in law enforcement, a flashlight will become an essential gadget. Even if you like to hike, trek, hunt, camp or walk at night, you must carry a flashlight that fits your needs and you need to ask yourself "How many lumens does a flashlight need?" before you start your adventure.

LED Flashlight

LED Flashlight

Let's discuss how many lumens you need for a flashlight:

1 lumen: 1 lumen is generally considered to be 10 times brighter than moonlight. However, this consideration depends on the width of the Flashlight's beam. If the beam is wider, the light will be dimmer. The interesting fact is that if you are in pitch black darkness, you will find this 1 lumen useful and sufficient for reading. Typically, a 2 AA battery flashlight with 1 lumen will give you a few days of runtime.

10-30 lumens: This amount of lumens will produce a brightness like a candle. Because it's hard to compare, because candles don't focus their brightness through the beam like flashlights do. But a 10 lumen flashlight is enough for your hiking, camping, and backpacking activities. It's also bright enough to provide you with enough light for emergencies 

100 lumens: The now standard average flashlight. With 2 AA batteries, the average 100 lumen flashlight can provide 5-10 hours of run time. This amount of lumens is technically sufficient for urban and suburban use. 100 lumen flashlights can be used to create a flashpoint on the road so that car drivers can spot you, to temporarily blind attackers when using self-defense weapons, to check medium-sized backyards, and are useful for bike lights.

300 lumens: Wow, enough for most uses, such as searching for people or animals at a distance of 50 meters, can comfortably illuminate a small room, can be used as a bicycle headlamp.

1000 lumens and up: This is a monster-powered flashlight for professionals such as law enforcement or emergency services. This type of flashlight can easily illuminate large areas such as construction sites, boat docks, factories, etc.

Our advice is to choose from our list of the best Rechargeable Flashlight reviews and buy a flashlight. You can adjust the lumen settings for different lighting areas. You just need some experience to know how many lumens you need in which situation. Don't get frustrated if you can't understand the lumen requirements by using a flashlight. We are always here to help you! 

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