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Lumen, Color Rendering, Color Temperature, Performance of LED Lights

Jan. 07, 2022

LED lights are usually our first choice of lighting products, so it is useful to understand the performance of LED lighting products. Manufacturer FULANG tells you some knowledge about the lumens, color rendering and light decay.

Product specifications vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer, and LED lighting products usually have a luminous efficacy between 601m/w and 1001m/w, a color rendering index usually between 60 and 90, a color temperature usually between 2700k and 6500k, and a life span of products usually between 20,000 and 50,000 hours. So how should we choose?

Lumen, Color Rendering, Color Temperature, Performance of LED Lights

Strongest 2000 Lumen Flashlight

1) Choose high lumens

Luminous flux, the total amount of visible light emitted by the light source per unit of time, unit: lumens (lm).

luminous efficiency, the light energy generated per watt of light source (commonly known as luminous flux), unit: lumens / watt (lm/w)

The luminous efficiency of LED products is the total luminous flux divided by the total power consumption under rated voltage conditions. The higher the value of luminous efficiency, the better the energy-saving effect of LED lighting products. In the same power, high luminous efficiency of LED lighting products luminous flux, meaning that the product is brighter and more energy efficient.

2) High color rendering index

Color rendering refers to the object in the light irradiation close to the true color. The larger the number of color rendering unit "ra", the closer the object is to the real color. We usually think that 80 to 100 is a good color rendering range. 50 to 79 is acceptable. If the color rendering is less than 50, it is considered poor color rendering.

3) Select color temperature

The unit of color temperature is Kelvin (K), the color temperature of red light sources in 800 to 900k, yellow and white light sources in about 3000k, white light in about 5500k, blue light in between 8000k- 12000k. In theory, users can choose any color temperature of LED lighting products, as long as they feel comfortable.

People who like warm light can choose a color temperature of about 3000k. Those who like daylight colors can meet the requirements between 5000-6500k. If the user prefers cooler light, choose a color temperature between 8000k-12000k.

Lumen, Color Rendering, Color Temperature, Performance of LED Lights

Colorful Led Patio Umbrella Light

4) Choose small light decay

Light decay is the gradual decay of the luminous flux of light until the process of exhaustion. Can be understood as LED lighting products after a period of time, the process of gradual decay of brightness.

Lumen maintenance rate is a bit difficult to understand, it is the ratio of the luminous flux value (also known as the initial value) of the LED lamp lit for 100 hours to the luminous flux of the LED lamp after lighting. lit for 2000 hours. Lumen maintenance rate is a concept that measures light failure.

The general explanation is that LED lightning arrester products will decline in brightness after a period of time. The higher the lumen maintenance rate, the smaller the decay of LED lighting products.

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