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How to Choose the LED Flashlight?

Jul. 16, 2021

LED flashlight is a new type of flashlight with LED as the light source. LED is ideal for portable lighting because of its high brightness, low power consumption, long life, small size and other advantages.

Although the popularity of cell phones is now increasing, want to light up, you can directly open it, but the lighting function of the phone consumes electricity quickly, in some special occasions to use the environment is not convenient. Therefore, the flashlight is still one of the necessities of outdoor activities. But how to choose a flashlight? The following LED Flashlight Suppliers to introduce you to the LED flashlight purchase tips and the advantages of LED flashlights.

LED flashlight shopping tips:

1. Pay attention to the bulb

Pay attention to the number of bulbs: the number should be moderate. The number of LED flashlights for home use is best not to exceed 12. The batteries used are best divided into 2 or 3 sections. Any larger would be a bit of a waste. For other special needs can be determined as needed. Of course, the number of high-power LED flashlights generally cannot reach 12.

Pay attention to the brightness: a good LED flashlight brightness, slow decay rate.

Pay attention to the aperture of the aperture: a good LED flashlight aperture is uniformly round. Poor quality LED flashlight aperture is divided into yellow and blue unevenly distributed. The bead spotting surface should be spotted as much as possible. Unlike ordinary flashlights, this flashlight can adjust the focal length, so we should pay attention not to have diffuse light when shopping.

LED Flashlight

LED Flashlight

2. Pay attention to the internal structure

Pay attention to the welding: welding is very good . Each bipolar is connected to the circuit board by soldering. If the false solder contact is not good, it may cause the solder bead not bright or affect the overall use. Each bipolar is connected to the circuit board by soldering. If the dummy solder contact is not good, it may cause the solder bead not to light up or affect the overall use.

Pay attention to the battery: LED Flashlight has two kinds of ordinary batteries and lithium batteries. Although the lithium battery is a rechargeable battery, but the life is low, about 2 years, led is about 10 years, you can choose according to the actual situation.

3. Pay attention to the external structure

Pay attention to the waterproof: good LED flashlight with waterproof function, good shock resistance, that is, the ability to resist falling. Because it is an electronic product, there is a circuit board in front of the LED flashlight. Once in the water, it is easy to short circuit and cause damage.

Pay attention to the appearance: you can choose the LED flashlight with aluminum alloy casing.

Pay attention to the shape: you can choose the right size and shape of LED flashlight according to the specific use occasion and purpose.

What are the advantages of LED flashlight?

1. The service life of LED flashlight is more than 50-100,000 hours, which is 5-10 times longer than traditional tungsten lamp life.

2, LED flashlight heat low, do not hurt the lamp head, high safety.

3. LED flashlight has fast response, impact resistance, good weather resistance, small size and light weight.

4, LED flashlight power saving, low power consumption, green environmental protection materials.

5, LED flashlight response speed of only 1us, no need to preheat the lamp to improve safety.

6, LED flashlight low voltage drive safety.

I hope the above sharing will be helpful to you, in addition the company also provides Led Headlamp Rechargeable, if you need, please feel free to contact us!

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