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Can Night Lights Help People to Sleep? WHY?

Sep. 26, 2021

For generations, the ideal way to sleep has been to turn off all the lights. Darkness is necessary, but a completely dark room may not be what the doctor ordered. The results of a study at the University of Michigan show that not all artificial light is detrimental to sleep. If you sleep well, it is absolutely fine to turn on dim lights.

It is known that night light affects the body's production of melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep. LED Night light can throw this hormone out of balance and thus negatively affect sleep. In fact, dim night lights do not cause harm; they are good for sleep. Let's find out more.

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A relaxing atmosphere

A small night light is perfect for your bedroom. After a bath, relaxing to soothing music under a dim light is a luxurious experience in itself after your daily routine.

Help with reading

If you are an avid reader or just like to fall asleep with a book because it helps you relax, then a night light can be the perfect companion for you. You can read without disturbing the rest of the family! BRIGHTENLUX has small round led night lights and other kinds of night lights, welcome to visit.

Coping with bad dreams

Dim lighting in your room will keep you safe. If you have nightmares or need to go to the toilet, it is essential to have light. A lamp on your bedside table can make you feel safe. Stress and anxiety can trigger nightmares and having a bedside lamp or night light on your shelf can comfort you after a nightmare you have just had.

Help children to sleep

Getting children and babies to sleep is a task for any parent. Babies are particularly insecure and growing children can suffer from night terrors, where they may wake up in the middle of the night, feeling upset and traumatised. If you are one of the parents or guardians and want your child to become independent as soon as possible so that they can sleep on their own, a dim light can provide them with a sense of security. This will ensure that everyone has a good night's sleep.

Safety measures

Lighting at night is even more important for older people as they may trip in the dark when going to the bathroom, or reaching for a glass of water, reaching for a medicine drawer etc. If you have an elderly person living with you, avoid total darkness in the room. It is highly recommended to carry a night light with you to ensure sleep and safety.

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Keep a few things in mind when choosing the colour of the bulbs or selecting a light that can change colour. For example, a strong light is suitable for the living room, a dim light for the bedroom and a middle light for the bathroom. Lights with shorter wavelengths (such as blue light) suppress melatonin, while dim lights and lights with longer wavelengths (such as red light) help us sleep.

Be sure to invest in a dim night light to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones. Stick to dim lights and longer wavelengths of colour. Exercise, a healthy diet and fresh air are essential ways to ensure a healthy sleep.

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