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Can COB LED Work Lights Help Me More?

Dec. 09, 2021

COB LED work lights are a buzzword you see everywhere in the market, and they are often the brightest lights you can buy; but what are they?COB stands for "chip on board," in which small LED light chips are packed tightly on a circuit board to produce 10 times the light output of a traditional work light. These small LED chips on COB work lights tend to use less power and are ideal for popular battery-powered or rechargeable work lights.

Can COB LED Work Lights Help Me More?cid=4

Will COB LED lights last?

We have found that our COB Led work lights, like our oversized COB LED floodlights, will drop, stay on for long periods of time, turn off and on thousands of times without issue or failure. We find that COB LED lights are best suited for portable work lights in a garage or work environment because they are assembled in such a way that they do not break or shatter like traditional bulbs. We have a full line or LED work lights from small to large that you can find here.

Advantages of COB LEDs

Because of the multi-chip package, COB LEDs can contain many times more light sources in the same area than standard LEDs, which greatly increases lumen output per square inch.

COB LEDs use a single circuit with only two contacts to power the multiple diode chips they house. This results in fewer components needed for each LED chip to operate properly. In addition, the reduced number of components, combined with the elimination of traditional LED chip construction packages, reduces the amount of heat generated by each LED chip. In the long run, proper heat dissipation can increase efficiency and reduce failure rates.

Can COB LED Work Lights Help Me More?cid=4

Flexible TPR COB Work Light WK7022

Disadvantages of COB LEDs

COB LED's do have one drawback, they are currently available in a limited variety of colors (blue, green, pink, red, cool white, neutral white, and warm white).

COB LEDs are used in a wide range of applications. While these devices can be used for higher output general purpose lighting, the primary use of COB LEDs is as solid state lighting (SSL) replacements for metal halide lamps in applications such as high bay lighting, street lighting, and high output track lights and downlights. Their ability to pack more LED light into a smaller space to increase lumen output, their ability to transfer heat to the heat sink more efficiently, and their simpler construction resulting in lower failure rates, lower light loss, and larger viewing angles make them difficult to discount in any lighting application design.

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