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Interesting Camping Lighting Ideas: An Assortment of Lanterns

Jan. 13, 2022

When you go tent camping, having the right lighting can make for a great night and a great night's rest. At the most basic level, China camping lighting can be as simple as a handheld flashlight or headlamp, but a string of lights or chandelier can add a splash of color to your living area and make your tent more comfortable.

Some things to consider

Use - What type of camping light are you looking for: an important source of light? Or something that adds something fun and pretty to your camping setup?

Power outlets - When choosing a camping light, the first thing you need to consider is what type of power source it will need to use. Typically, camping lights are powered by gas or other combustion fuels, batteries, power outlets, or the sun.

If you need a stress-free solution, a battery-powered camping light is an excellent choice for first-time campers.

Size and weight - This is a consideration for all travel gear and is especially important for lights, especially if you plan to hang it on your tent or want it to be easy to carry.

Other Uses - Some lights have more than one use, or, I should say, some other camping items, like Bluetooth speakers, that often double as lights!

Usually these lights aren't very powerful and can't compete with a full camping light, but they can be handy as a secondary light source and they're fun to use.

Interesting Camping Lighting Ideas: An Assortment of Lanterns

Camping Lighting Ideas

These are some of our favorite camping lighting ideas that can be used in a variety of camping setups, including small tents, large cabin tents and family pop-up tents.


If you've ever ventured around a campsite at night using your cell phone to light the way, you know how annoying it can be to have lights that aren't fit for work and keep you busy. It's now one of the must-have items on our camping packing list and one we highly recommend for campers of all ages. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are fun for little ones.


If you need to point your light in a certain direction (maybe the path in front of you, or if you are looking for something in the dark), a handheld flashlight is a simple and very practical tool. It has the disadvantage of requiring your hand compared to a headlamp, but it also has the huge advantage of allowing you to keep the light very low.

Camping Lantern

A camping lantern is the equivalent of a light tent camping lighting for your home. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can choose the best one for your space and the use you foresee, and you can usually use them inside and outside the tent.

Interesting Camping Lighting Ideas: An Assortment of Lanterns

Rechargeable Camping Light With Power Bank

Edison Lights

Edison lights are the name of all those lighting solutions that look like old-fashioned light bulbs, and they're perfect for camping.

They're perfect if you're looking for vintage, bohemian or retro style for kids, and they're also very easy to set up if you opt for some solar-powered ones.

I hope you enjoyed this quick overview of fun tent camping lighting ideas. Did you know? Some camping lights can be a lovely gift! You can find fun and cool gift ideas for campers here. Safe camping!

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