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Amazing and Fun Applications of Head Lamps

Aug. 20, 2021

Gone are the days when we relied on candles and lanterns to illuminate the darkness. Welcome to the age where light is at our fingertips. Headlamps, while very useful and versatile, are unfortunately an often overlooked source of light. If you think these handy devices are only for caving, you may not realize what you're missing. LED Headlamps can be used for a variety of purposes and have many useful and practical applications.

Amazing and Fun Applications of Head Lamps

Where can I use headlamps?

Night Reading

If you like to read before bed, you're not alone. Getting up after a literary adventure and turning off the lights can be a real pain. If you share your room with your significant other, he or she may not like the whole room being lit up while you read. A headlamp can kill both birds with a rock. Instead of getting up and turning off the light, simply turn off the headlamp and place it on the nightstand. Your partner gets the added benefit of not having to sleep in a well-lit room.

In-home repairs

There's the leaky faucet, the clogged sink drain, or the furnace making strange noises in the basement. What better way than to use a headlamp hands-free? You can free up your hands! No more struggling to see with a flashlight in your mouth. When the power goes out, wearing a headlamp is a great way to combat the darkness and get light when and where you need it most. While you may have a flashlight or two, you may need both hands to help keep your family safe.

Outdoor Cooking

Many people enjoy cooking outdoors. Unfortunately, the sun doesn't always keep up with our schedules. If you find yourself cooking outdoors after the sun goes down, you may find it difficult to get the lighting you need to cook your food to perfection. A headlamp can solve this problem, freeing up your hands to handle the food you're preparing for friends and family.

Walk the dog

When the dog needs to go, so does the person. Needless to say, a flashlight isn't always ideal when on a leash and trying to control an excited pet. Your flashlight may even be accidentally ripped off and fall to the ground. A headlamp will give you the light you need to walk your dog safely, allow you to see around you, and allow the driver to see you and your pet.

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Cave Exploration 

Caves are full of hazards. Not only are they dark, wet places, but there are critters living there that usually can't be seen until it's too late. If you wear a headlamp, you can avoid conflicts with bats, scorpions, snakes and other cave natives. You can also see where you are going and avoid slippery rocks. In the rare case of a collapse or getting lost, you can use your headlamp to find your way out more easily than just trying to walk around.

Working on your car

Have you ever had to work on a car in the dark, or did you have to get underneath it only to find that the light was barely enough to get the job done? Headlamps can save you from this situation. Providing you with hands-free lights when and where you need them, these lights can make your car repair work much easier (saving you time and frustration).

Trail running

To run off-road, you need a clear view ahead to see where there may be trees, animals or even other people in the way. You may also need to look behind you if you feel someone is chasing you. You need to see areas of debris that could cause you to trip and fall. You also want to see cliffs, preferably before you run over the edge. Headlights are just helpful to help you light the way.

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