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A Powerful Flashlight VS A Regular Flashlight

Oct. 23, 2021

What is the difference between a strong light torch and an ordinary flashlight? Is it just the lumens and brightness? Why is a led strong light flashlight more expensive than an ordinary tungsten torch?FULANG shares with you, what is the difference between these two types of torches.

Low voltage power supply

LED lights use a low voltage power supply, usually between a few volts or more than ten volts strength, while ordinary lights are around 80 or 70 volts. led flashlights use LED lights, which have a very low voltage strength and consume electricity more slowly. It is a little safer than high voltage power supplies and is more suitable for use in public places with lights.


Drop resistant

The outside of the torch is a layer of resin, not the glass cover used in traditional incandescent lamps, so it is more resistant to shocks and will not break even if it is dropped high in the air. Using a sturdy material for the housing, it can even be used for self-defence.

A Powerful Flashlight VS A Regular Flashlight

Most Powerful 6AA Bright Light Torch Flashlight

Soft light

The light from a powerful torch is soft and protective of the eyes. Traditional incandescent lighting uses alternating current, which under normal circumstances produces 100 to 200 flashes per second. However, the leds used in torches use direct current and therefore do not flicker.


Low energy consumption

The energy consumption of LED lights is relatively low, less than 80% of that of ordinary lights compared to the energy consumed by ordinary lights. Then the LED strong torch consumes less energy and can be used for a longer period of time, whether you are going out for a trip, or for everyday use at home, it is more suitable.


Good heat dissipation

The light energy is relatively high and the heat generation is low. Traditional incandescent torch, not only the brightness is low, and will also emit a lot of heat, the new led's torch, can convert most of the electrical energy into light energy, a very large degree of heat reduction, saving energy resources. It does not cause any harm to the light itself.


Safe and non-toxic

LED lamps do not pollute the environment and are more environmentally friendly, as most ordinary lamps are now energy-saving lamps, which contain mercury, a substance harmful to humans and the environment. Even if the lamp is broken, it does not evaporate large amounts of mercury vapour. In this sense, the strong light torch, so to speak, is a green lighting tool in the torch industry. 


The strong development of LED lights has made incandescent lights slowly on their way out, the times are progressing and so are the lights. The torch is a combination of IT technology and traditional technology. We also sell other lights such as camping lights, headlamps and bicycle lights, please contact us if you need any.

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